August Feature Bombs

I was gonna do a top 10 favorite features list. But that's boring. Plus this month had an unusually high amount of failed features. Instead I will denounce uploading crimes, like Khrushchev denounced Stalin.

Worst features of August:

The One Hit Fight
Two guys circle each other for 35 seconds.Then the guy barely touches the other guy's face, and he walks away. No blood, no knockout, nothing.

Spider Vs. Wasp
I can turn on the Nature Channel or Animal Planet at any giving time, and still see something more interesting than that. Ok it was kinda neat, but we didn't even get to see it eat the wasp. 

Khris Sacr Leap Of Faith
A guy jumps over a few feet of safety net, into a thoroughly padded inflatable slide, with a big inflatable mattress at the end. Nothing failed, no faceplant, he beats a world record. Woopdeedoo.

Throwing a rock down a 1,500 foot hole
A guy throws a rock down a hole. Several seconds later you hear a thud. This is probably cool if you're actually there, or if they had filmed down the hole.

Skater Can't Handle the Pain
A boring fall, and a slight overreaction. Zzzzzz.

Traffic Reporter goes AWOL
It's funny that the traffic reporter was missing, but really nothing happens in that video.

Skrillex: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
It's been done before and better. These videos are really neat when you hear the individual parts first and then hear how they come together. This guy totally failed to do that, and jumps straight to the song.

The entire Losers Of The Interweb series.
Unless you're new to the internet, these are all pictures you've seen a million times already.

Here are the worst 2. And coincidentally, they were featured on the same day!

Jedi KIttens
This looked like a promising video of cats with lightsabers, but ends up being a worthless 15 seconds video.

Snail Got Swagger
Which is basically a snail on a glass. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

And this month worst uploader is aesir911 for having the most worthless features.

I denounce him, along with all the other criminal uploaders, and also the staff who in a lapse of judgement featured their worthless shit. They too are of course criminals.

Uploaded 09/02/2011
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