Avatar a triumph beyond it's graphics believe it or not

If ever I thought that I could not be angered by movie reviews, clearly I was wrong. It seems to culture of maximum harm is determined to drive me to madness again. To give this a bit of explanation: I came out of the movie Avatr filled with such hope and excitement. Finally a movie that was so unashamed of having an anti civilization agenda. One that openly states that humanity has raped and destroyed thier mother earth and they would do the same again. Other movies have had such a message but Avatar is distinct in that it has no pro humanity agenda. It doesn't imply that humans have to change and be patient stewards of thier world, it's message is simply that they are iredeemably curropted and must be removed. Something about the last half hour of this movie made me so exhilerated. I felt like I was ready to fight the good fight and I was encouraged that book name movie makers could still portray such a message.Then I read the reviews and it all changed. The avst majority of the reviews complimented the graphics but said of the point: 'it's just eco platitudes, I've heard it before'. I was sickened beyond belief. I had felt awe at the graphics too, but the message greatly surpassed it. I concede that the dialogue wasn't good, but it didn't matter. To me these reviewers looked like someone was pointing at a work of art and remarking 'look at the pretty colors'. the graphics are not the point. Yes they are excellent, but the message far surpassed it. To simply dismiss it as platitude and eco nonsense made me so infuriated. How can the majority opinion be so blind?

Uploaded 01/10/2010
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