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So awhile back I downloaded GIMP which is a freeware version of photoshop and I just started playing with it.  I was stunned that this free download has almost all of the capability of photoshop. You can really do whatever you would like to photos. I started out just screwing up some old pictures but I decided to take a stab at editing a gif.

A lot of us here have custom avatars created by boomshakalaka and they are the greatest. If you want good work done he is the go to guy. His work showed me some of the possible options you have when it comes to editing. I suck at photoshop but I thought I would screw with one anyway.

It really only took me about five minutes to tweak the trap door avatar that I am using right now. I didn't do anything amazing, I just added some blood and my user name. I think it turned out pretty good. All you have to do is edit the frames of the gif. and then save it as an animation. You can even change the frame rate delay to suit your animation. I am now screwing with a much larger and more complicated one that is not going as smoothly.

I really am just writing to say hey, try GIMP. I know I would never pay for photoshop and this is a great way to get a free photo editing tool. Some of you out there who are good with photoshop could probably create some amazing stuff with a sweet little piece of software like this. 

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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