Awesome President

This year I asked my American friend to vote for Obama for me. This way I get to participate in the US elections and choose the right candidate. I feel very honored that I'm able to shape the history and to give my vote for the man who's worth it, even though I don't have the right to vote. My verbal support I gave Barrack Obama in many of my blogs was probably a lot to support the great man Obama is, but I also felt like I should vote for him. Thanks to my friend, I did.

Many people who get brain washed by propaganda and empty promises from the counter candidates don't seem to realise how much Obama did for the United States during the time of his first cadency. 

1. The Health Care Reform

2. Killed Osama Bin Laden

3. Some of the coolest TV series hit the TV (Dexter, Prison Break, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones)

4. USA didn't steal no oil from Arabia

5. USA won the 2012 Olympics

6. Felix Baumgartner jumped from space

7. Barack Obama stopped fueling the bull shit space program with tax money. Something no president has ever done. It would also be great to tell the stupid sheeple that the moon landing was fabricated, but I guess stopping the astronaut mafia was a courageous move from the president even this way

8. Creed reunited


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