Awesome shop!

So I am a huge collector of everything superhero and I have a really slim margin of stuff that I do not have in my collection, or so I thought. I found a store that is so jam packed full of pop culture goodness that I have a new understanding of the phrase huge collection. It is honestly the most kickass place I have ever been. I love pop culture stores because they remind us of the stuff we grew up with and when it comes to those kinds of stores this one is king. I wish there were more stores like this because it is a way for us older folks to remine younger if just for a short time when we walk into these places. I found everything from GI Joes to Thundercats and everthing in between. The owner knew more about this stuff than any other pop culture store owner I had ever met and he was very hospitable. The store is called Gene & Troy's Toys and it is located in Youngwood, Pa.  Their facebook page is @!/pages/Gene-Troys-Toys/79434922865 ............... please support stores like this or they won't be around much longer. I always see pop culture stores going out of business because Walmarts are selling toys on a massive scale. This just seemed like the right place to confront this issue and show our support for stuff of our youth. So I ask the users of ebaumsworld to go and support this store and every other pop culture store you can find.


Thank You Ebaums


Uploaded 03/31/2012
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