I'll tell ya, ain't nothin' like the holidays. I saw this chick, she was...."robust" and was all over a guatemalan with distinct taste. She was wearing a clad and sexy outfit (big girls need lovin' too) giving away free toys to children. I'd post a pic but I don't know how. So later on the night, boy you know I went ham. Pulled up to the club in a black and blue lam. 100 on my neck, good god, god damn, 20 on my ears, 40 on the wristband. And wouldn't you know it, there she was too. Wearing yet, another hot ass outfit. She come up to a playa, talmbout, "baby, when we gonna do what it do and make some kool-aid?" I'm all about making it happen so I said, "meet me in the back 20 minutes. I'll show you why god is called the 'creator'." What seemed like 20 minutes went by and I went to go fetch my prize. I saw her there with a bottle of some Sky and wearing nothing but a red thong. My eyes go berserk! I'm astounded and she had a friend wearing the same thing. Her friend was much "fitter" than she was and came up to me with a smile. She then started to kiss me and give me all the lovin'. Big girl just stood there so I told her to join in on the fun. The fun went out for a little bit and then they started to get my belt off. My zipper came down with ease and all I had on my mind was a guatemalan sandwich with two pieces of wonder bread and me in the middle...and then I woke up. I popped off a couple of rounds before falling back to sleep. Merry Christmas everyone and to all a Happy New Year.
Uploaded 12/24/2011
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