Baby, Paul, and other BS

I want to get a couple things said, I now know what is wrong in Europe its drugs and the early age in which they start.  Testing was done (I don't know why) but  9 out of 10 public baby changing tables  tested positive for trace amounts of Cocaine. I assume because infants dont need a lot of drugs to get high on is why there are only trace amounts.
Ron Paul is a typical radical president wanna be, its not that I disagree with him on everything but this frigging guy is nuts and the cracks are starting to show. I watch a Morning Joe in the morning because Joe Scarborough is my type of conservative, he has the base beliefs but he doesnt want to stop this country just for the sake of his beliefs. When he talks he reminds me of a better time in politics where they fought because they believed in what they were saying and at the same time knew they were going to have to compromise. Compromise, what a great concept it was at one time what made this country great. My country is now a bunch of radical splinter groups hiding behind horror stories of the constitution being broken when in reality it is being used as a tool of hatred and fear.
I was asked by a friend why I am so anti Tea Party, I think this is a stupid question but I admit  to probably knowing more of the inside than a lot of you. I am not talking about the words, the mission statement, that got thrown away a long time ago but the honest to God ideas they have. My brother is a part of this group, with ties to several chapters. These people should scare the hell out of you, one of the Ebaumers told me to get my facts straight and I say "oh I know the facts the problem is you dont." I guess one of the main reasons i hate the Tea Party is because I consider myself conservative and i think nothing like these anti Americans (ha it hurts when the tables are turned lol)
I actually think Obama needs to be replaced but by who Paul? nope, Gingrich? Hell no! Romney? yawn. The thing that worries me about Paul is his anti Jewish feel and the fact that if you take all the control away from our Government then we are at the mercy of Big business even more than we are, if that doesnt scare you, then your not paying attention. I would rather take my screwing from the Government at least they aren't getting rich, remember we are broke.
Thanks for reading Bohank
BTW the part about the changing tables is true but i was being sarcastic
Uploaded 12/22/2011
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