Baby Popping Machines (Rant)

Ok so just the heads up this will be my rant blog so I apologies in advace if this crosses the line..

For past one week it seems like all I see on my Facebook page is new born baby pictures fucking on the hospital bed out of the vagina probably 2 mins ago new born baby ... and today wasnt any different from any other day seems like my friend had another one after having fucking every year model for past 3 years ...

To me this is absolutely disgusting you will going to take care of all those kids ... definately some of them if not most going to be neglected but if asked the favourite phrase of these people is .. "Just have kids they practically raise them self "... SO WHTS THE FUCKING REASON of having them in first place ... I mean a kid should be loved and enjoyed but most importantly he should be raised with absoulte dedication so he can be productive and turn out to be a successfull ..

Now if you have 4 kids within 5 to 6 yr times .. how will ensure that you give proper attention to each and every one of them ... probably back in our parents days it was easy but with this fast paced life you will be working your ass off to povide for them ... long hours ...stuck at job cant switch feild because its too risky and if you do who will feed all those mouth ... so your career goes down the drain your wife got sucked out of the charm she once had that made you fall inlove with her ...

your kids get neglected because the time they need you to either help them with their home work or teach them how to fly a kite or how to hold a bat you are stuck in some ware house counting mintues when you can get out of there and be with your family...

I only have one kid .I had him after 4 years of being marriege we enjoyed those year like young couple should ... now my son who is almost 4 now is smart and way more sharp them most of other kids in his class ... we can actually have a sensible conversasion with him and he can actually give me advices as what should I wear and what games should we play .. because of one kid we cut back on expense and asked my wife to raise him like we were raised so she became house wife... we never send him to day care center ... we keep him with us mostly where we go ... and I can see he is much more mature then other kids at his age ... I already talk to him about his future and get him ready for the times to come ... i listen to him and spend most of time raising him ... and If God helps me and if I live that long I am sure I will see that he will be better then all of those kids combine ... he will be more successfull and more intelligent .

AM I being asshole here to think like this .. am I wrong or am I right ... I know most of the family specially immigrants are doing this ... popping kids and letting them run in the wild with the hope one day they will have another back to lift their weight another labour for society to consume ... from the moment these kids are born they are already branded as nothing but cogs and gears in this system of ours ...

Uploaded 11/13/2012
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