Bachelor Parties. Collecting data

As I tend to be ignorant of conventional social practices maybe this is another one I just don't understand. I caution that this is serious, I want real data for the sake of an article I'm writing. I would like to preface this by saying I am not taking a stance of superiority when I ask these questions, I'm just genuinely ignorant of the motivating factor.

It seems to me that the idea of a bachelor party makes little sense. I never had one before I was married, though I was aware of them. I got married because I genuinely don't want anyone else. I don't want to touch them, I don't want to see them take thier clothes off, I don't even understand strip clubs but I've never been to one either. If I had some desire to see strangers take thier clothes off and dance, or whatever the fuck it is that goes on in a strip club, to still burn off I wouldn't have gotten married. We're all free to do what we want. The only motivating factor I can think of is that this applies when you're getting married for status or money, then maybe I can see your frustration. Granted I am assuming that one goes to a strip club or some such establishment for a bachelor party. I've heard of just getting drunk and hanging out with friends, which makes a bit more sense. I don't drink but I can apreciate the idea.

Anyway, can someone explain to me the motivation? Am I just too uptight? I hear that the strip club thing is trendy to allow these days but I don't get it.

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