back again, again D

Well, hello there :D I'm back to stir the bee's nest again. Fun, Fun, Fun! :D

The real reason I have decided to post a very useful blog here is actually kind of astounding, believe it or not. Very Freaky. I'll Explain.

I shit you not, this is a true story.

It all started about one month ago. I was just getting out of work, and I started heading towards my car. I stop for a moment to check to see if I have everything i went in to work with, such as my wallet, and my keys. I have them, but i had a feeling i was forgetting something. Something was definetely off. I turn around to walk back in, in some hopes that i'll find out what it is.

As soon as i enter and take the corner, a woman runs into me, and i mean RUNS into me, and we both hit the ground. apparently, she was at my workplace to steal, and dropped over 1000 dollars of merchandise all over the floor. A bunch of little figurined or something that she ended up putting in another box which she emptied while out on the floor. Sneaky xD Our Loss Prevention guy is notified, and he barrels down the path, and catches her. Turns out our store has a rewards policy for assisting in catching thievery, and my next paycheck is given half of the money of what WOULD have been stolen. From that week alone, I received a 512.73 dollar boost to my paycheck. I got paid over 500 dollars for forgetting something. I never figured out what it was though :X I get in my car after sorting the ordeal out, and drive home. My day is over.

I wake up the next morning to nothing spectacular, aside from the feeling that i should be looking for something. It was very odd, and i turned up nothing. I sat down to turn on my TV, and it wouldnt turn on. It was a dinky little TV, and it was gonna break down soon enough anyway. So at this point, i'm saying to myself, "Wtf, this sucks" I've been thinking of getting another TV anyway. Without the TV on, it was really quiet.
I hear a scratching at the glass door of the backyard to see a small dog whining on the other side. It's clearly very skinny, and i felt guilty for it. It looked hungry. I let it in, and gave it some of my own dog's food. It demolished the plate, and drank the water in a second. It's collar had a number, which i called up to tell them i have their dog. Turns out it was missing for some time, and they had a 100 dollar reward for her. I brought her to the address they told me, and claimed my reward :) Neato xD

On my way home, i think about the TV that wont work, and decided to take a run to a radioshack and see if they had any good prices. As i walk in, one of the shelves holding a bunch of the blu-ray players comes tumbling down, and chips the corner of a sweet plasma screen. I hear the one employee announce his hatred towards the world for a moment, then i help him clean it up. It was only 3 of them, and 2 of them still in perfect condition. He explains to me how he just finished setting up that shelf, and that he's gonna get in trouble for damaging 2 items. He said he would get in trouble if his manager on break came back. He actually offered them both to me for 150 dollars if i took them out right now. I had no problem with that at all ;) and walked out with my new TV, (tiny scratch, no biggie) and a new blu-ray player with a little indent. Again, almost no damage. I also walked out with a 100 dollar rebate, which was pretty damn sweet as well :D

I get home and hook everything up. A bit of a struggle, but i get everything hooked up. Cable box and all. I start going through the channels and see a news clip showing a man who won the lottery with one ticket. "I wish i was that lucky" kind of laughing at myself due to all thats happened within the last 2 days. I wanted to know the chance of winning something like that with one ticket. I turned on my computer, and the first thing after i log in is Your internet protection... blah blah expired... yada yada. I think nothing of it, and look up what i wanted. Before i get to the web page, i get a pop-up from a website telling me to "Try my Luck" and win some 1million dollars. I closed the window, but it reappeared. Closed it again, and it reappeared again. Rather than trying to close it again, i punched in the address it wanted me to go to to realize i could win 350 dollars. not 1mil. It was a drawing of some kind, and there were 1000 "bags" you could say, and one of them has a prepaid visa in it. It actually looks legit for a pop-up, it directed me to paypal, and only cost me 1 dollar :O

a few days later, my one bag comes in :) lol

So thats it :O I'm either lucky, or some kind of cheap bastard. Idk...
I was about to go to bed, but couldnt sleep. its about 330am right now, and my computer was on. I felt some reason to check into eBaums world. Something is compelling me to do something here. I dont know what.

You can decide not to believe me, but i assure you this is all true. 100%
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