Back for a day and Back off to reality

Well I moved up to northern Helmand, Afghanistan were restriction of the web are not to Nazi and able to logg on "for a day" and to my dismay see tons of spam in my email, Along with tons more pm's screaming at me to do something about it.


Now as Yank posted for me in a earlier blog... I'm out in Afghanistan and unable to really get on due to mission and restriction. I ask you please ping UsedCarMan, Yank, peaperpenut, Memphis... for any BS that happens. I can't mod anymore due to the resriction I have down south at my regular base / And Not any time to do so. 


To all though I hope things are well, and I see new users and the Quality of media is looking good. Keep up the good shit.


If you want to know whats going down here in Afghan just turn on any TV station and you'll get the picture. Thats my life at the moment. But know the Marines in Helmand are putting the Taliban through hell, And they're scared.............


To my fellow mods and the Staff keep up the good work. To the uploaders keep bringing the good stuff "Quality over Quantity". And everyone else keep the site good as it can be.



Thats all I got , Stay true to the game 



Uploaded 10/23/2010
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