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I hope to whom ever reads these you get a kick out of my rants and daily thoughts. I'm sort of new to the field and I like writing so if you enough my writings please feel free to rate me.

So I just remember something. The other day  I was in Wally World . I am strolling the isles thinking of something I can buy with my $20 gift card...I go from isle to, sports, fishing, games...and art supplies for obvious reasoning my hobbies . Now in this time span I come across 13 toddlers all from different parents and It dawns on me.One little life saver is missing...A FUCKING BINKY!
Seriously folks....let me break out the lovely gold plated crow bar to knock them out with here. I love kids I really do but they have this fine tuned ability to shrill the tone of the devil in my ear.For the love of god and for the safety and health of my rave and techno loving ear drums...GIVE THEM A TEETHING RING OR SOMETHING. Seriously I mean holy mother of SHIT..THEY NEVER SHUT UP. WAHH WAHHH WAHHH Get them a damn tranq dart to jam up their asses!. I don't feel every time I go to a store I should have to hear the spawn/Larva of satan!. That and the slightly older ones whining when they don't get what they want they stomp they roll on the floor like little flopping fish on the deck of a boat baking in a hot summer sun. They do all in their power to fuck with us..trying to bend us to their own sadistic little devil horns.

Less I get started on yet another fun filled baby fact...6 babies lined up at the changing station crowding the men's and women's bathrooms...and one guy decides he HAS to do it on the middle of the SHOPPING FLOOR...the stench of it could drop even the most desensitized person!.

My final battle in the rant for "loud ass" in the baby department will be drum roll please....*drums* MOVIE THEATERS...DO YOU SEE THE NEED AT ALL EVER EVER EVER to take a toddler to an R rated movie? Really? Really? What sad brain fart from who ever the hell knows where did THAT idea come from? They cry they whine...they bitch they moan and for what? Just so you could go see movies like The Terminator for instance...They would cry during even Barney or CARE BEARS because they don't understand what the hell a movie even is and your taking them to see movies as rated as it gets? Get a fucking baby sitter people!..Stop ruining the 5 minutes of excitement and peace I have on my lovely day off...I wanna look over with a pitch fork and STAB not the child because its not their fault..I WANNA use the parents as a lawn dart target and I DON'T mean those little kids safe magnet ones..Give me a fucking Javelin rod.
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