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After retiring to a life similiar to that of a triple crown winner, it seemed the only two things x22tizzle had to worry about was which girl to fuck and what was for dinner. He thought his battling days had ended, his sword and armour was in the closet, where he planned on leaving it. Living a peaceful life on the farm, gathering some fruits and vegetables, x22tizzle noticed a man on a black horse riding toward him. X22tizzle knew for he had seen the man on the black horse numerous times before, that this meant he was getting called back into battle. The man on the horse never spoke and wore a dark cape, he would just drop off x22tizzles next job.

x22tizzle stared at the letter in his field and sat down in his garden. Why he thought to himself? Why would somebody test me? Dont though know who i am and what ive done? The ghosts from his enemies before haunted him. He had not had a night of sleep without being awakened by his own screams. He had told the man in the cape not to come around anymore, he was retired. But the man in the cape did not care, for the man in the cape knew, that this was where x22tizzles heart was. x2tizzle was a fighter and a killer, he could not leave his destiny.

Tizzle tossed the letter into the fireplace and walked to his room and opened the closet and looked at his sword and armour. He kneeled to the floor like he would before every battle and prayed he would come out alive. Then he rose and began to put on his armour. This was all routine for him. He knew he would win this battle like he had the rest and the crowds would cheer his name, like they always did. Then he took out his sword. A tear dropped from his eyes for the victims of the past who he had slayed. He whistled for his stallion and he rode off, to the Colliseum.

When he got in the workers there treated him like the god he was. A man who simply could not die. Some called him immortal while others called him lucky but they could all agree on talented. When he heard his name be called the crowds went wild. Chants began to get so loud that the stadium was shaking. With the crowd behind him and his masterful skills how could he lose. Then his opponent stepped out. A older man, in his 40s who looked like he had never seen a vagina or a cock in his lifetime so he resorted to beastiality and/or child molesting. x22tizzle knew why he had gotten the call from the man in the cape now. He needed to kill this disaster of a human. This piece of scum so bad that he did not deserve the breathe the same air as charles manson.

His name was megafail. The crowd booed when his name was announced and the feeble man walked into the arena. Tizzle would hav no problem killing this weak, still breast fed pile of shit. MEgafail attacked first and what a weak attack it was. He hit x22tizzle with his sword but tizzle defended himself with his shield causing megas sword to fly halfway across the arena. Mega knew who was megafucked. He dropped to his knees and cried and pleaded for tizzle not to kill him. But tizzle knew that this fuckface needed to die, for he raped animals and children. Tizzle lifted his sword to get ready to impale mega when mega said that he would suck tizzles dick. Mega had reduced to a new low. Tizzle, who felt insulted for he was already pissed that his cock was sharing the same stadium as megas, put the sword through his chest, not to kill him instantly but to make him suffer while x22tizzle punched him in the mouth repeatedly as he lay dying. After 5 minutes of stiff rights and a sword being lodged through his chest, mega died. The crowd went wild.

Tizzle called for his horse and road off back to his home. Mega was a pathetic weak man who reminded tizzle of a former opponent, wallboy. Mega and Wallboy were quite similiar indeed. Tizzle smiled, knowing his battle was over and that he took another fuckface off the earth and down to hell.

Tizzle was now back to battling.

A statement to megafail- Do yourself a favor, leave the blogging section before you face the fates of my former opponents. You dont want that son, i promise you.

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