Back To Black

This is the time that the world seems small and everyone knows you for your errors and flaws.
Back to black and im back to the days i never cared, and what you said was just meaningless and blah blah blah.
Im sick of all this nonsense that he said and she said, im going crazy, and im on the black mode again.
Because no one is perfect, why hate on me?
What I cant get over is this hypocrisy around here, people smiling to your face and slowly stabbing a dagger to your back.
But Im back to black, to the days of fuck you and your friends, your just fake and love to pretend.
Nothing else to screw around with but me to the end.
Its unbelievable how smiles turn to frowns.
Cant even be controlled by clowns.
That the sun cant shine for the whole world at once.
Like people cant be true to everyone at once.
Its crazy the web of lies we live in, talking crap all day, complaining about all the bad shit you can think of.
But im back to black and i dont care, back to being dark and alone,
where i was smarter cause i would actually have time to be me.
Im back to writing and being bold.
To feeling like gold.
Back to the days no one cared if i carried a smile.
Back to the glory of being private.
Where my business was only mine.
Life could suck, but it does for all so, i dont give a fuck.
Im going to laugh and take it chillin like they say,
Imma laugh at their stupid faces, use my mind as a weapon.
They think they slick cause they gossip about me,
jajaja stupid pathetic little bitches,
with no life of their own so they gotta live somebody elses,
I pity all of them little " jajaja look at her " sons of bitches
You know who you are and you will rot in hell.
Now im back to black and not giving a fuck
so if you see me around pretend im a fly in the wall,
like i was ignored before i know its not a hard task.
So remember fuck yall hypocrites two faced bitches.
Uploaded 03/15/2011
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