Bacon Sandwich

This blog has no meaning and makes no statement. I'm not trying to enlighten and/or entertain. I just felt like jotting down a bunch of thoughts and since its been a while since I've been here this seemed like the perfect vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles, I would kill to own a Pagani Zonda R. I know I will never have one and would probably kill myself if I actually had one and drove it (very far above my paltry driving skill level. (I suppose I could take a driving course) hell if I could afford one I could definitely afford lessons.

I haven't been around here much lately, I really haven't been doing much on the computer at all (seem to have lost some interest) 

I wanna give a shout out to all my buds form years gone by on the site. I cant name you all without forgetting or leaving someone out so Hey!

Does anyone know what happened to Miles?

Ive already had it up to here with the Presidential race, although in last night's debate I thought Smilin Joe Biden rather amusing and to me at least, his mugging undermined his obviously better grasp and presentation of his arguments.

Whats her name is sick right now so my one weekend home in the last 3 weeks is gonna be a fun one. (Cant wait to run to the store repeatedly for each and every whim her sick self wants)  I don't really feel that way completely but lets be honest the thoughts are there.

Speaking of Whats her Name, I've been seriously exercising and trying to get more healthy (Not getting any younger) and as a result I've lost some weight and my muscle tone has improved significantly (In the words of a favorite blogger from the past SHROD AS FUCK) (not really). The result of this? I'm getting much more attention from the women I meet in my travels with work. Now don't get me wrong, I love WHN with all my heart, but the new attention has got me feeling pretty damned good about myself and does put some thoughts in my head (you know the angel and the devil sitting on your shoulder? ) Yeah they're there.

Last week was my moms birthday and it really brought home how much I missed her and what an empty spot there is in my life since she died. I still am in close contact with dad but its just not the same and to tell the truth, I'm getting a little tired of his trying to guilt me and monopolize all of my free time (Im home about 4 days every 17) I know hes lonely and wants contact but he just wont make any effort to go out and meet any new people or join any groups etc. He just wants to sit and watch the tube. Ive tried every route I can think of to get him out and involved in the community but no dice. Well I do sympathize but I cant be his surrogate wife. (Yes there are unspoken issues under all this). Miss you Mom!

I got in very early this AM and tried not to wake everyone up but my spazz dogs changed that in a hurry! I fuckin love those stupid little mutts, They go completely apeshit when I come in whether Ive been gone for weeks or just a couple of hours.  I totally dig that.

My Sister and niece are still staying with us and that little girl is rapidly becoming my love and light. Watching the changes and sharing her life is an amazing and rewarding experience, hell shes even more excited and snazzy than the dogs when I get home. She used to be like a really cool dog, now shes a little person and she definitely has her own mind! Thank god for her!

Halloween is  coming and I cant wait! I think its my favorite holiday, I love handing out candy and interacting with the kids! Hell I even get a bonus this year I get to take my niece T or Ting and that should make the whole gig even more fun.

I wonder what it would be like to ride that baggage thing at the airport, I have always wanted to do that. (If I could afford a Pagani I suppose I could arrange a ride on that baggage thing also)

I just bought 2 T shirts online and paid about $25 dollars apiece for them and they are thinner than some of my 5 year old undershirts, Sending them bitches back post haste.

I thought about a fantasy football league this year and decided it would be too much work although I did have a team drawn up and I would have been doing pretty damned good if I had followed through.

Still haven't seen the Avengers movie, I own it on blu Ray but for some reason I just cant sit down and watch it. Maybe I'm not destined to see it, I've also never seen Fatal Attraction (for you old timers)  same scenario.

I still watch Dancing with the stars and I still love the women on that show but now I'm actually critiquing the dancers and trying to guess the judges scores (maybe I'm turning gay) Hope not.

I see Neko (Shyzylizansannaramalama ding dong) is still here and actually is very amusing at times, of course that is not 100% of the time , but after this epistle, who am I to talk. ( I do walk up the stairs now instead of the elevator) 

I cannot figure out how to delete the subscriptions from my inbox here which makes it kind of cumbersome.

I   don't drink but I had some Absinthe with some co-workers last weekend and it was an amazing experience, I can see how that shit could become a past time (see habit)

Its allergy and love bug time again here in Florida, I seriously wonder sometimes why I live here. Its hot as balls for like 10 months and cool for , well you can do the math, and there's bugs and shit here that are amazingly ugly tenacious and disgusting.

Well I'm starting to run down so Ill check out for now and get that bacon sandwich.

Randomly yours

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