Bad Ass

There was this girl on the bus stop that needed help. She asked this chick sitting there if she speaks english. She just shook her head. That's where I came in. I said "I do" and stepped a bit closer to hear what exactly did she need.


It turned out she didn't know what the asterisk above some entries meant and (I guess) which hour is 17:03 (It's 5:03 pm, girl. Come on!)


After I told her that the asterisk means low-floored busses (the handicapped friendly ones), she thanked me and went to tell what she had learned to the guy she was with. It took her some time to answer, though. She was probably humbled with the enormous amounts of clout I possess.


I looked at the couple and noticed that the foreigner girl made the same stupid-ass hand gesture I used when telling her that the asterisk means lowered floor. Yes, that was the moment to... turn to the girl that couldn't speak english, put on my shades and walk away.


Unfortunately, I didn't have my sunglasses. I just had to satisfy with a look full of triumph and disgust. Still bad ass - just not David Caruso bad ass.


I dedicate this blog to White_Chocolate.


You inspire me.

Uploaded 07/28/2010
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