Bad Cops.


When you see vids of police brutality, does it bother you? You know, videos like this:, or an astounding number of others all over the web. What bothers me more is how you get just as many ppl defending it as those detesting it. I guess they miss the point of the videos.

These aren't floating around the net for nothing. The subjects featured in these videos aren't gun-toting druglords or buck-toothed, illiterate, store-robbing hicks like you see on COPS. Matter of fact, those are the types of people authorities want you to think they deal with constantly. They're not.

The vast majority of people encountered by police, especially on alleged brutality vids, are the same as you and me. They're quiet, responsible, mature, criminal-history-free people that need a helping hand in capturing exactly what a lot of police are all about: all the things police should never be about.

Do you ever stop to think about why people hate cops? Cuz if you think it's cuz they were inconvenienced at a traffic stop one time, you're a fucking moron.


People hate police because of the reasons you see in videos posted on a constant basis. They have an ego problem. They need to compensate. They're literally taught to LIE. To deceive, to intimidate, to cheat their way to convictions and arrests. And they don't take kindly to anyone who isn't afraid to let them know they won't be intimidated. Especially those who cannot physically fight back. Elderly, disabled, women, kids... maybe your own grandmother, teen, or girlfriend.

Notice the douche on the submission reaffirming the cop's reason for dragging a woman around on tape. She got "irate". Orly? You're damn straight she became "irate". One second she's doing nothing, the next he's pulling her around like a fucking rag doll. Since when does doing nothing physical to another qualify the other to put their hands on you? Cuz they have a blue uniform? (or maybe the poster has problems with women?)

That's kind of the whole fucking reason people become "irate". Cuz they damn well have a right to be. There's nothing stupid, illegal, or against your interests in putting your foot down and refusing to be abused by some asshole with a badge. That's also part of the reason you retain the right to view these vids in the first place: it's part of a citizen-wide endeavor called "Cop Watch".


Of course, maybe about 80% of the time, douchebags with commentary like these do so purposely. The reason it still fails? Cuz it's the same reason shit like this goes unpunished. You let it slide, allowing pea-brained, macho fucks to think and act the way they do toward women, children, and the infirm, then it's all the longer you're virtually ensuring these people will NEVER be safe here, or anywhere.

And if you're a cop, or know a cop, who not only engages readily in such behavior, but comes home happy and relaxed as a result of it - please, answer me this: You want to be a big man? Why don't you join the military? We're in the middle of a war, still... you can tote a gun and flex and drag women around and scream at people all you want. So why doesn't your dumb, misogynistic, shady, fat corrupt ass enlist instead of striving for a badge that's supposed to stand for SERVING AND PROTECTING?

Cuz I think I already know even if you don't. You fucking retarded, pussy bastards.

Uploaded 01/21/2014
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