Bad day On Friday....

    It has been a while since I wrote two in a row but I kind of wanted to write about something other than health care although it IS important.

Let me say that I will be too busy tomorrow and my daughters birthday is Thursday and she will be turning 21 and she will be drinking for the first time. I SAID THE FIRST TIME (let a father dream) and I wouldn't want her to drink the first time while being sad,I said it is her first time, damn let me dream its all I got. Why will I be sad and she also? My dogs are going to die on Friday and no I am not able to see the future it's because I am going to KILL THEM BOTH!!!!!! I came in from running errands and stepped in a puddle of piss and I know it wasn't me so they will die on Friday. It wont take much they are from the same litter pug/chihuahua mix, I can choke the hell out of them or I could just shoot them, either way mystery meat barbeque on Friday all invited get wallboy to come and we will have sheep too.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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