Bad Day

I woke up this morning at 6 to my alarm going off. My little brother likes to piss me off, this was his big prank. I hit 'sleep' and turned over in my bed, trying to fall back asleep, but that annoying buzz sound kept playing in my head. I got up and went downstairs to make some breakfast. As I turned into the kitchen, I found myself walking into a strip of saran wrap taped to either side of the doorway. Another prank by my siblings. I made some cereal and started eating. It was stale as dead leaves. yummy. the milk must've been sitting in the back of the fridge for a few months, too. At 7 am i decided to make myself useful and mow the lawn, maybe my parents would give me some money. They laughed when i asked them. I went to watch t.v., but some one hid the remotes. As i walked back into my bedroom, i noticed my door had been closed, but not completely, I walked in and was nearly knocked out by a 5 pound bucket of water falling on my head, now i was soaking wet with a headache. My brother laughed his ass off, i grabbed him and wedgied him so hard i pulled the underwear off his body. He ran away holding his ass balling his eyes out.

At 12, I got a phone call from my girlfriend, she wanted to break up, she found some one else, I called her a bitch then laughed as she ranted about how im lazy and how i dont care about our relationship. I hopped in the shower. The water heater was broken. By the time i finished washing my hair my balls were up in my stomach. I went to the mall around 1:30 and passed my girlfriend...ex...holding hands with one of my bestfriends. I walked right inbetween them, breaking the bond they had going. As i walked home i got a call from my parents, they found my hidden report card. I was grounded for failing careers with a 36. They took away my Xbox, my tv, and left my in my room, not allowed outside for a week. It was about 5 when i was at the boiling point, i was already suffering from chronic boredom, i had a list of pranks i was to pull on my brother. I opened my bedroom door and a 5 foot pile of random household shit fell into my room, it was piled up against my door. I got feuled and punched my wall, my arm went right through and knocked out my brother, he was leaning against the otherside to hear my reactin to his prank. I layed in my bed the rest of the night, because my groundment just went up to a month. I managed to sneak past my parents room and go on the computer, typing quietly. I logged password was deleted. I had a dick as my desktop backround...fuckin brother. Now im on eBaums world telling you my story

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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