Bad mother shut your mouth......

What the hell happened with the common sensin our lives? I was at the shopping mall on Saturday and here comes this lady with her big ass mini-van and why do they call them mini? I mean for crying out loud you could put a baseball team in one of them. Sorry got off track there, so here comes mother of the year and she cuts me off and grabs this parking spot which I didn't want but another person behind me was waiting for, and he let her have it. I parked and had to walke  by this scene and you should have heard the mouth on this mother of the year and I quote "I have kids you fucking idiot" OK now this is getting good and the young guys reply "I am sick and fucking tired of you fucking yuppies and your damn ankle biter's you think because you have kids we are supposed to just bow the fuck down" Now I am just about ready to get myself some popcorn and a chair when this MOM says  "dont you swear in front of my kids" ( Look back at the fifth word out of her mouth) I started laughing and she turned and looked at me and saw for the first time the crowd that had gathered. She gathered up her rug rats and went in the store and shortly after ran into me in the cookie isle where she apologized for the other guys behavior and I know I should have just nodded and moved on but I just cant help myself  I told her if someone stole your parking space and then swore at you I think you would be angry too. She wheeled on me and here is the point, my old lady came out of nowhere and said to her "lady you speak to him like that again and I will jerk your ass up in front of your kids and knock the hell out of you. LMAO I have never heard her speak like this before and hell I was scared of her. Stay the hell out of the malls its crazy.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/03/2009
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