Bad Mushroom Trip Conclusion

I wrote part 1 of this blog a ferw weeks back. I didn't receive much feedback on it for some reason. The link is:

To summarize, some buds and I had eaten a bunch of 'shrooms and went to a trippy movie. I became convinced that we had been in an accident on the way to the flick and that I was in a half-living/half-dead state so I set upon a quest in Seattle's University District (an artsy/Bohemian neighborhood) to either wkae up alive or pass on into the next realm...

I was becoming paranoid by this point, however, as everyone seemed to be ignoring me. Surely they were all part of a grand conspiracy to act as if nothing was amiss. I had made my way to a residential street and saw a guy working under the hood of a car. In my distorted reality he looked EXACTLY LIKE ME! Surely he was part of the spiritual journey I was experiencing.

"Can you help me?" I said, and proceeded to ask him to take me to a church. I knew he was a conspirator so I bribed, "If you do it I will help you fix your car."

He told me his car was fine and I knew I had caught him in a lie, "Then why are you working on it?" Hahaha... busted...

"I'm giving it a tune up." FUCK!

There's a lot more but my trip found me seeing the local IHOP and it's iconic shape and knowing that I had found my destiny. My odyssey would end here.

Thinking that I was in some sort of lucid dream I entered and decided I was going to walk through the wall. I wasn't able to do it so I sat down and waited for my coffee as I contemplated stabbing a fork through my hand. All around me conspiring motherfuckers acted as if everything was normal. My coffee arrived and instead of using my fork, I poured the steaming liquid on my bare forearm. It didn't burn. I needed some acknowledgment so I stood and dropped my pants right in the IHOP!

I looked down at my shriveded, penis, my hairy white legs, and realized that people were staring. Ooops!

I was promptly escorted out and told to wait by the curb. I rambled some stuff about the church and then decided I would melt into the blacktop and try to wake up in my room. I was awakened by the sounds of police radios and opened my eyes. About 5 cops were standing around me and asked if I was on anything. I told them mushrooms and they started laughing at me.

I was having moments of clarity as one does when a psychedelic starts to wear off. I was told to go wait in the ambulence and I got in the passenger seat. Oops!

Long story short I was transported to the hospital where the nurses laughed when the cops told them I had dropped trau in IHOP. They asked if I needed help and I told them maybe spiritual help and they said they couldn't provide that. I took a cab home.

Much more happened during that crazy, paranoid night but this is getting lengthy. I came to understand how people with mental disorders can believe in the illogical. I did 'shrooms a few times after that but have not touched them in a long while.

I learned one thing that night: My dick looks goofy in an IHOP!

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