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ok my fellow miscreants....

i was listening to the radio on the way to work today, and i heard an interview with jean claude van i got to this guy really tough or is he a pussy... i wikipedia'd him and read his bio....turns out he was a kickboxer when he was younger.. ok... he won some fights and knew some moves...maybe he is tough.....then, as i read further, it was reported that he was in a night club in NYC partying.... he was acting arrogant on the dance floor and was doing his signature split move... you know the move where he does the splits to avoid a shot, or deliver a crouch punch...well, one of the patrons did not find jean claude's showboating very amusing... the patron reportedly punched him in the head and knocked him out... jean claude apparently puked on himself and bled out on the dance floor until the paramedics came..


That is fucking funny!!  What a pussy... i can see him acting all hard and tough, like a real big shot, and BAAMMM... on the floor you go bitch!!

So, I wonder what other apparent hard-ass movie stars follow the suit of jean claude van damme-you know, act tough in the movies but turn out to be a flacid weakling in real life...

chuck norris, steven seagal, arnold swartzenegger (i doubt he applies), jason statham, sylvester stallone, wesley snipes, etc....

who is the next faux bad ass?? 



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