Banned from spamming everyday

Okay Ebaum, what the fuck? Why is it that every few days, I get banned due to spamming in caturdays or some shit?? What the fuck is a caturday?!? You absolutely suck ass at running a website. A trained monkey could do better than this. Does anyone else out there have this problem? As I said, every few days, I get a message that says "You have been banned from commenting until spamming - stay out of caturdays if you don't like it". What is this shit? I've written half a dozen e-mails to the piece of shit owner of this site, and he doesn't have the balls to write back, so that in itself is proof that he doesn't have the slightest idea of what the fuck he's doing, but won't admit to it. The kicker of this is, I only check this site out a few times a week, and rarely ever comment. One day I can make a comment on a post, get on a few days later, and when I try to comment on another post, that goofy ass message pops up. Like I asked, does anyone else have this problem? Has Ebaum ever responded to any complaints? Or just hide like a pussy? Let me know.

Uploaded 06/15/2008
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