Bar stories part 2 The interogation

At least ten minutes go by and this drunk is still knocked the fuck out. The paramedics cut his shirt open and check his vitals. The loud mouth fuck is still alive. The head cop asks " did anyone see what happened" I reluctantly raise my hand. He calls me over. I've only had 2 beers so I'm perfectly sober. "Show me your I.D." says the cop. I give it to him. "correct adress?" Ya I reply. "phone number?" I give it to him. "what happened here tonight?" I give him the story with precise detail. "You're dismissed" he tells me. What I say. "You gotta leave" O.K. I reply. I'm headed out but I glance back at my table where my bro and his friend are seated and see my beer three fourths of the way filled. Now I've never been one to waste beer so I ask the officer I've got a beer on the table is there any way I can drink it before I go? After all its been paid for. He looks me dead in the eye and says "chug it" to which I reply cool. I jog back to the table and chug it in record time. I'm about to head out and realize my bladder is full and I got a 20 block walk home. "Officer can I use the restroom before I go?" At this point he is getting irritated. Again looks me dead in the eye, precise and to the point every time "hurry." O.K. thank you. I jog to the bathroom and drain my lizard, as I'm coming out there is another officer directly in front of me with his back turned to me, asking a couple questions. He's blocking my exit out so I just stand there and wait as not to interupt him in the middle of his questioning. The head officer from across the bar points to me in a sternly manner and shouts "YOU GOTTA LEAVE!" The officer blocking my path steps to the side to let me by. I leave the bar once and for all.........  Stay tuned for part 3 The detectives knocking on my door!

Uploaded 11/18/2008
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