Barack Hussein Obama can keep the change.

If you plan on voting, be informed, don't just listen to what every asshole in Hollywood or at your job says, cause they probably don't know dick.

Every piece of shit that says McCain shouldn't be president because the past 8 years have been crap under fellow Republican President Bush needs to be sterilized. The President doesn't have the biggest impact on our country----Congress does. A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS.

Obama has rarely taken a clear-cut stand on anything until the media decides for him which way will most please voters.

He has agreed with the Democratic party 96% of the time, more than any other Congressman (see 2nd paragraph). Even Hillary Clinton doesn't compare. And he talks about "change"---the only way to bring about change is to think for yourself, and to have enough integrity and balls to stand up to your peers and say "You're wrong." McCain has done this numerous times.

Obama is a Muslim, which in itself is not a downfall, but he showed his true colors when he said, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Sixth Pillar of Islam-look it up.

McCain had been in a POW camp longer than Barack Hussein Obama has been a Senator. John's service to his country is a damn fine indicator of the sacrifice he is willing to make and the value he places on his country. He was offered release by his captors and REFUSED, letting other POWs (who hadn't been there as long as he) go in his stead. What has Obama done to CHANGE "his" country? Diddly shit, except to vote NOT to make English the national language, despite 90-some percent of Americans wishing it were so. How can he be expected to lead a country when he is not representing the will of the people?

I could go on and on, but I actually have other shit that I should be doing, so I'm gonna give it a rest.

If anyone takes anything out of this, it's this: don't vote on what party a candidate is or what you hear from someone else. Research a little and find out about them, and vote on the ISSUES, and not because he/she can give a speech. Adolf Hitler gave great speeches, too.

Keep the change, Obama-I'm voting McCain.


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