Barack Obama

Did you guys know that Barack Obama is black? I was watching the television box the other day and, while skipping through the channels, I stumbled upon this station called CNN. It had a picture of an African American fellow and underneath his image was the name "Barack Obama." I thought to myself, surely there must be two Barack Obamas - this man of high melanin content as well as our white President, also named Barack Obama. Certainly, a black man could not be president of this country.

But then, it's like someone dropped a bomb on me. My whole world flip-turned upside down. The news announcer said something along the lines of "as you can see here, President Barack Obama..." and then I stopped listening because I was in complete shock. I realized that our President is black.

Do other people know about this? Are other people aware that the president of our country, Barack Obama, is black? This is truly historic, as I believe there has not been a black president in this country, ever. But then again, I am kind of unhappy. We have a black president, so what's next? Are women going to want the right to vote?

Upon learning that our leader is African American, my mind was a-whirl with emotion. You have to understand where I am coming from here. There has never been a black president before and as far as I can tell, the racial heritage of Barack Obama has basically been kept a secret from the people of our nation. In video game jargon, Barack Obama is something of a combo breaker.

I was certain Barack Obama was white. His last name is very clearly Irish, which is dominated by Caucasian individuals.
Uploaded 06/29/2011
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