Now, what's happened here, folks, is that Barack Obama has succeeded in attacking not only American values, he's done it by attacking the Americans who embrace those values. He has stepped in it here. He attacked the Americans who embrace good old American values. He's portraying this country as in a depression. He's portraying these people as having no economic future. He is lying about the status of the people he is talking about. He's lying about their economic status, they haven't had jobs for 25 years, they are bitter, and they are angry. And why are they bitter and angry? Because the government hasn't done anything for them, as though they have no ability on their own to overcome the obstacles in life. And until somebody's in the White House who actually cares about the grievances of these racists and bigots, and can get their economy back on track, they're still going to continue to be mad. It is one of the most insulting comments that a presidential candidate could make. He's going out, he's attacking the customers. He's attacking his voters. But this is who they are, folks, this is who liberals are. The great thing about this is that Barack Obama's telling all of us what all Democrats think of average Americans, which is why they want them to become dependent, why they want them to vote Democrat, they want them to be undereducated, they want them to be bigoted, they want them to be angry all the time, they want them to be fed up, they want them to be filled with rage, they want them to be hopeless.

Uploaded 08/15/2008
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