Bark & Co Solicitors upheld Asil Nadir trial: Polly Peck tycoon

Mr Asil Nadir Begins Giving Evidence At The Bailey Mr Asil Nadir, the former chief executive of Polly Peck International today began to give evidence in the current trial at the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey). Bark & Co have been acting for Mr Nadir since 2010. Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir was a âbroken manâ who had no hope of a fair trial when he left the UK in 1993, he has told the Old Bailey. Mr Nadir, 71, is accused of stealing nearly £150m from his Polly Peck empire but denies all charges. He denied he fled to northern Cyprus because he was guilty of fraud which he was being prosecuted for. He returned in August 2010 to face the charges. Mr Nadir said the firm was put it into administration despite his protests. âTremendous futureâMr Nadir denied the company, Polly Peck International (PPI), had been insolvent. Bark $ Co is famous for its experience and competency in handling various complicated cases. The firm has participated in various high profile prosecutions in the near past and in the process, our legal team has worked exceptionally well with government institutions, individuals and both private and public corporations. The firm is one of the top rated legal firms for their high quality level of representation in both UK and foreign jurisdictions.The major areas of jurisdiction include commercial fraud such as tax evasion, mortgage fraud, money laundering, pension fraud, corruption, Investment fraud, fraudulent trading, tax investigation, and telecoms fraud.Cases that our legal firm handles include investigations and prosecutions that are brought forth by any prosecution agency such as the Serious Fraud Office, Serious Organized Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs. The Financial Services Authority, Crown prosecution service and the Special compliance Office of the Inland Revenue.Bark & co solicitors news is that our legal firm has an established system of asset and cash recovery in both civil and criminal courts. We also have legal professionals that have the expertise to handle Restraint Orders successfully; hence our clients are able to minimize the financial cost of court cases that tend to be lengthy.Some of the recent examples of the high profile cases Bark & co solicitors legal advise have made a successful include a high profile case involving pension miss-selling case, a mobile phone fraud in which there is alleged fraud of the public to the tune of 250M just to mention a few.Bark & co solicitors commitment to providing the best legal services to its clients at a reasonable legal fee has earned them a name in the legal fraternity. Therefore, one should not hesitate to seek our legal services.
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