"Battle Blog Me Vs Ellimem & Idiot comment trolls" You judge.

This is the blog of an overly judgemenal asshole who likes to post nasty comments about how he wastes time reading each and every post i do.He goes by Ellimem.

He ended a rather long tedius self rightious blog about how he has a good job his family got him.To start working as a Lawn cutter/trimmer. I am not sure you can post a comment and tell me how special this job is later. But the fact is he writes this blog and basicaly asks if he is an idiot for quiting the good job (where he doesnt like to deal with people) to cutt grass. Well He comes off sounding like a humble nice non judgemental person...  Could be true , But all he does in my circle is whine and complain and try to insult me. The fact is I post Crazy wacky stupid things, Things i find funny as well as my circle of friends. I like the responces .But i didnt expect someone to keep posting the same crap. I Notice looking at his profile (his icon is some slut getting her ass fingered) That he is head of the Bloggers anti spammers group. I dont see that as funny or ironic at this point but maybe i will later. Its simple either insult me well or stop reading . I leave it for you all to decide as you comment Insult or give sound advice, Who is ELLimen . A well rounded nice person trying to help , Or a spitefull prick who as far as I know has a crap job and trolls the blog section on ebaums.You be the judge I leave you now with the comment he closed that Blog with. 

"I am Ellimem and I may or may not be a dumb ass. You decide."


Keep the comments fun.



 *Update #1*

  I am having too much fun here. Sparks158 For someone who watches adult swim You sure are a Pain in the ass. Please respond but do it in a funny manner. You say my Blogs are bad ? Well Who makes you read them? What you commented was Exactly the non thought out stupid thing any other half wit would say. And I Know how i write when im Bull-shitting but You act as though I write for your judgement. You Sir are an Asshat. And the idea of posting how stuipd my blogs are in a battle blog based on the same crap you are posting.Is stupid .If I read Your blogs (wich I do not because you are insignifigant) I would try not to sound as boring as you are. Please try at the insult when you do . If you dont You come off looking like some snotty tween wasting time Trolling.

Good luck Insulting someone who laughs at dead things.

You fail . lol my blogs are stupid , but The comments are worse




*update # 1.5*

Yea i just realized how stupid i write. You win crazy judgemental asshats. I will continue blogging .But I will Happily accept any ones opinion and not be so judgemental myself. Oh wait a minute.....I am not judgemental... I take it all back please Ellimem,Sparks158  Retort in a way that makes you seem right  and less of the judgemental jerk offs you have proven to be.

Basicaly this blog is saying You are assholes, based on how you carry yourselves. I may write stupid crazy even retardedly dumb blogs but I am right in doing so on Ebaumsworld. After all Ebaumsworld was founded on strict gramarical skills.

Again good luck ..I win.



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