Battle blog me Vs Megalomaniacal???

Thats rigt i saw emo potters blog now i have fuel.... Your mom gives tug how witty , so witty infact i pissed myself with laughter i think i lolzed myself.....Oh yea The battle, Yea you seem like a dick..... Read blogs about people you dont like and make comments.....continue to read blogs by said idiots and bitch about the content they submit..... Same crap...... Get a life friend.... Im not your guy buddy..Insult me till you turn blue ..... Bluenote#  lol hes a dick too..... and good old wanna be elimem sparkles......Hmmm well I enjoy you people With all the crap you give each  other. You make me lol..... Good luck everyone.. and you megaloLongName  Get out meet a girl or guy and get some.....Delete your girlfriend and get a hooker... who knows she may let you kiss her on the mouth.... Tug job!!! Hahahhaha ... Your mother lol,,,,,,

Good luck please respond Its a battle and you sucked against goth hairy pooter...

no offence i like your stuff potter

 I dont think im capable of understanding defeat.... Good luck buddy. Maybe you can get a sence of humor.....

Matt the leader of the zombies.. and your mother

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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