Me? I love to throw down. I'm half Irish and half Scots, so get me drunk enough and I'll start a brawl with myself. I had to bow out of the proposed “challenge” with WhyNot and I have opted to remove it from the site (as per the rules). No hard feelings there. Just not the right time.

But creepingjennie put this out earlier:

It seems that there is some confusion over Battle Blogs...Lately there had been bloggers who have a beef with another blogger, and saw fit to call them out in a blog. The challenger would point out flaws in the opponent's previous comments and blogs in an attempt to persuade the other bloggers to do the same...I was pulling my hair out trying to put out these little fires [and] I realized that my efforts were futile...I know when compromise is called for, and it was clearly needed now...So you can have your flame wars, provided that they follow the rules outlined...I am not proposing a blog writing contest!! This is more like a bar brawl in blog form.

So I was pleased to see one of the milk-carton crew by the handle CrazyEy wrote the following on my “challenge” to WhyNot:

Dear Dominus, I just got done reading your blog. I found it all to be very interesting..On any normal day i would take you up on your debate on entitlement..But today is not a normal day my friend. Why you ask? Because i was just informed that you Dominus are unsure about your sexuality. I think that ur sexual preference would make a much more interesting topic to debate about..

Well, there you have it. I have to admit, I was wary at first. CrazyEy was a personality that was formed on eBaums only a little over a month ago and has practically nothing as far as submissions or points, and (as of the time I'm writing this) only one person in their buddy list. Combined with the Stewie-esquewas just informed that you Dominus are unsure about your sexuality” the whole thing seemed more like a set-up than anything else. Especially because the blatant spelling and grammar errors in the blog CrazyEy wrote about “The Great Unifier” (e.g., “I will always recognize for his inept outcome regarding the current state of political affairs. For me even with the war and stagflation, I will always remember him as the great unifier. Yep, for this one man in his eight years has managed to do what others, even Martin King Jr. could not do. He has managed to bring together, whites and blacks, men and women, gay and heterosexuals, natural born citizens and immigrants, republicans and democrats. For we all know he must go.” You see...much more eloquent.)

But then there's the other side of it. I have had five years of professional education in sex and gender studies, and I've allowed myself more than twenty years of personal study on the topic. (Hell, if you're going to study something it might as well be something you like.) So I am no slouch when it comes to professional and technical knowledge on the topic.

As far as experience goes, I've had a slight bit above “national average” as far as lovers goes, but I have also gotten to work and play alongside some serious artists and professionals in the field. I've had friends that have learned first hand from the likes of Midori and Irving Klaw. Not to mention I've had the opportunity to put a lot of my education into practice.

However, there's my philosophy on the topic as well. You see, I feel that on the whole sexual education, representation, and communication are so lacking in this country that almost any serious discussion about sex is a welcome benefit to everyone who reads or hears it. The bottom line is; I'm prepped mentally, physically, and spiritually for a challenge where I have nothing to fear and everything to give.

So lay it down. Let's have it. Your “was just informed” seems to be lacking sources. The part about “unsure about your sexuality” is vague at best. Fine. I agree with you that sexual preference is a very interesting topic for debate, but in what parameters? Gender preference? Phenotype preference? Personality preference? Is this a debate as to the relationship between tops and bottoms or is it a generalized disclosure of fetishes and fantasies? Sure, CrazyEy might have issued the challenge, but the ball is still on their side; their first serve having yet to clear the net.

Feel free to officially start the game. Hell, get as many team members as you want on your side. I'll be on the other side of the net waiting for your serve to knock it back with a spike. And hopefully, when the dust settles anyone reading will have experienced something that made them think...and maybe improved their own aspects just a little.

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