i have a friend. not just any friend, he's probably one of my best friends. and as weve all had to deal with at some point in our lives, he just went through a really bad breakup. this was a girl he really cared about, but it was doomed from the beginning. by nature he is one of those really nice guys. and as we all know, nice guys get trampled on.

he started dating this girl about 6 months ago. he met her at a party and from the first time he intoduced us, warning flags went up all over. first off, she had just gotten out of rehab. which is fine in itself, except ot had only been a week since her release and she was already drunk and naked in a hot tub. so much for sober living i guess. i didnt particularly like the girl but as his friend i kept my mouth shut and let him live his life.

ther next 6 months proved to be a living hell for him. she constantly cheated, then when caught, accused the guys of raping her. she would steal to get money for drugs, seperated him from his son and parents, and was guilty of all sorts of douchebaggery. she even went so far as to give my cousin a blowjob in some seedy motel room. finally he caught her sleeping with her exboyfriend and sent her packing. she ended up moving back to indiana where shes from and ,we thought, to never be heard from again, we were wrong.

apparently indiana isnt all what she thought it was going to be and now shes calling him begging to come back to him. not to be with him mind you, she just wants to be back in california (drugs must be better here). anyway hes not interested and she refuses to let it go. enter sindicate and my passive aggressive plan for revenge. on her myspace she has on of those refrigerator magnet programs so all her friends can leave her darling messages about what a good friend she is. so every week for the past 2 1/2 months, ive been going on there and leaving a new fucked up message for her.

not just your average run of the mill 'fuck you' or 'whore' mind you, i leave the kind of messages that will hopefully drive her to an emotional breakdown or the brink of homosexuality. such favorites as " id rather ack a homeless guys ass with crisco and eat my way to a heart attack than see you naked" and "bitter? angry? alone? make yourself a drain-o margarita and do the world a favor" have graced the profiler page of her myspace. so below ill post the link to the gallery of some of my favorites. enjoy...

i am sindicate and i will emotionally slap the shit out of that cheating bitch 

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