BattleAxe Clears an Estate.

In an earlier blog I wrote how I worked for a very rich and powerful person and how I was going to share those stories with you people on Ebaums. I'm pretty tired so I'll make this quick.

Unfortunately, many details have to be left out. The details would make the story even more fascinating and shocking, but I could get into a lot of trouble if I put them in, so I ask you to fill in the blanks. If you have questions or want more details just private chat me. Again, I'll have to be careful there, but I have more leeway as there is no public record.

The house is located on the most prestigious and valuable piece of residential real estate. No it's not the Governor Generals Residence, though the story does involve a previous Governor General.

The view from the back window is similar to this.

The home is ten thousand square feet, built around 1920. Opulent millwork adorns the rooms. I was hired to repair damages to any finish work and repaint it. Oil paints were used as they provided the smoothest finishes.

After about four months work and  at approximately eleven a.m. a knock came to the side door. I answered it because I recognized the interior  decorator  and the Governor General at the time, Jean Sauve. The interior decorated laughingly explained she wanted to show off my work. Of course it was her ideas that she was "showing off". I asked them in  and went to inform BattleAxe she had company at the door. BattleAxe was still in bed as was her habit. Yes, I could enter her boudoir after knocking, she trusted and loved me that much.

She sat right up. slipped on her royal slippers, marched downstairs as steam came out her ears and darts from her eyes brutally damaged freshly painted millwork. As she approached her uninvited guess, the clownish grins on their faces soon turned to looks of horror, humiliation and powerlessness.

BattleAxe with finger pointed, first at the interior decorator said, " you get that bitch" finger now firmly planted in the Governor Generals forehead, "off my fucking property right now". Finger now poking the sternum of the decorator for each and every word, "and don't you ever bring that fucking bitch back to my house again, you stupid fucking idiot."

"About face" was never so expertly executed at any time. Totally humiliated they both marched down the driveway like Nutcrackers.

BattleAxe waited till they drove away, let out a hellish laugh and went back to bed.

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