BattleAxe. The Showing.

This is next in a series about a wealthy heiress, her renovation and her antics. I can't reveal the names as it could get me into trouble. I did most of the finishing work in a huge turn of the century house, (1922). This lady could sell cars to the Amish and rip teeth from an angry lion. Boxom, black flaxen hair, black eyes, charms of an angel, heart of the devil. By the way, BattleAxe is a term of endearment that only a few could utter.

The Showing

After about three months of hard work, long days and many weekends most of the house was complete. The ball room in the basement which led out to the courtyard was all that was left. BattleAxe asked me to choose a color for the walls in the soft yellow range. I did and she approved it. As I was on a ladder an entourage of who's who of Canadian money magnates led by BattleAxe entered the room.

The room was quite outstanding long walls with large fireplaces framed in white marble. Ten inch baseboards, Greek columns, plaster crown moldings and fine cabinetry. All had been repaired and refinished by yours truly. I just had a few touch ups.

BattleAxe in her sweetest of voices, she had as many voices as George Kooymans has octaves, showed the room with grace. Turning to me, she introduced me and asked, " what was the color's name again? I usually use the number so I had no clue. To show her I could play the game as well, I said, "Pristine Coral." in a slight upper crust voice. There was a moment of silence, they all faced each other, nodded their heads in approval and sighed as though fully impressed.

As they were exiting the room, BattleAxe snapped her head back, and gave me the death stare. Realizing, by the smile on my face, I was just working the crowd and not her she let out a catty laugh.

Latter that afternoon she took me aside and starting cackling, it was hilarious and contagious. She told me I so want to dress you up for the formal dinner tonight and introduce you as someone famous. You could pull it off and show those stuck up bitches. I refused, my wife had had enough of my relationship to BattleAxe and a formal dinner was out of the question.

For those people who don't know who George Kooymans is, he is the singer from Golden Earring.
He had a capacity to sing in ten octaves.

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