Beating the flying pig

Okay, here goes.

Today is Sept. 15, 2009. Last friday was the anniversary of 9.11.01. The day the twin towers were taken down. Plus also the Pentagon, as reported in the news, was struck by a plane.

As I am eating my own shoe, because political rants is not the thing that I am into. However curiosty has gotten the better of me. 

What are your thoughts on this. I did not look at past's blogs, I wanted to have a refreshed look on how some of the minds think on ebaumsworld.

This is a non bias blog, Im not saying that I support either side of the conversation.

Do you or do you not believe that the planes were the only thing taking down the two towers?

Do you or do you not believe that the plane struck the pentagon?

Who do you think is responsible for the events happening that day?

How old and where were you at the time that this took place? Also, were there any events that took place in your town, in the result of the towers comming down? Example, did they evacuate your building ect.

Honestly, This is a interesting topic for me, I was in college at the time that it happened. They closed the school down that day. I dont know why, we were in alabama, no where near any of the events that took place. I remember people gathering around a small tv in the teachers lounge, watching in awe, as the towers were on fire. I was dumbstructed then, and as almost dumbstructed now.

All thoughts are welcome!


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