I was wondering today what defines for us what is beautiful. I know our attractions to be based on feramones and little else at the biological level. on top of that we build psychological ideas of it, but most studies find this is based on a composite of features. even children prefer to look at faces deemed attractive. perhaps somewhere in there is something ingrained. but what is the survival value for what men are attracted to? At least women are attracted to what might have in past cultures made for a good provider what with large powerful men and such, some of them anyway, it's leaning rather feminine lately but what men are attracted to is perplexing. most of them are not attracted to streangth or fortitude or even large child bearing hips, any of that might make sense, instead they are attracted to weakness and small frames, seems like shit for survival value. Large eyes seem a big factor, I don't know how that factors in really. other cultures see the oposite. I remember in a movie about ghengis kahn I watched he said large eyes allow in evil spirits. not many mongolians with large eyes, it might just be cultural nonsense. Light features is another one, I don't see the use. The weirdest one of all is of course the attraction to large mamory glands. This truly perplexes me, mostly because despite how much I hear it I haven't seen feild evidence. I don't know many men who buy into this. Personally I think it's irrelevant and up to a certine size rather nasty. That there is actually an operation to make the damn things bigger really confuses me. Speaking as a man with a genetic condition that gives him honest to goodness real breasts, they aren't fun. they're fucking uncomfortable at times. sure I think proportional breasts are a normal part of the female form and there is nothing unattractive about that, but up to a certain disproportion is creepy. If any guys out there have this attraction to big milk glands, tell me why, I really want to know. hair is another weird one for me. men tend to want women to shave everything pretty much but thier heads and eyebrows. I never understood it. it looks weird to me. alittle hair on the arms and legs and armpits and crotch, thats all normal to me, it looks normal, it looks weird without it. You can probably tell I'm italian huh? If any men like this hairless look, and you probably do, tell me why. Beyond that, what is attractive to you? I'd like to get a sample from everyone. tell me what is attractive on men and women both and why.

Uploaded 05/21/2009
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