Been away for a bit.

So I recently took a break from damn near everything lately.  It was mostly brought on by me not getting into med school.  I decided that I had too many distractions and needed to figure my life out.  So I took a semester off of college, stopped doing stand up comedy. stopped writing for my act.  Just worked.  I also learned that I am techincally considerred an educator by the state, and since I contract through a non profit agency, I get on the state's kick ass educators insurance.  And well, Ive got alot figured out.  Im going to go back to college.  Since I love what I do, I am going to finish up my education and get a masters in speech pathology. 

Im also going to start doing stand up again.  Ive already started writing again. Ive got a few rough cuts of jokes.  Im hoping to get 3 or 4 more routines before I go up again.  fresh stuff too. 

And Im working on getting back into shape.  I used to box.  Now I drink beer and watch TV.  So I have a way to go, but hell, I enjoy challenge.

Also, my roommate fixed my computer.  So I got my porn back.  Thats a plus.  And I also realized that nerds are possibly the greatest candy ever.

Uploaded 11/21/2008
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