Been off for awhile and WTH?

I been off for awhile for work relaited reasons " getting ready to go to Afghanstan for a year" and I finnally get a break for all the fiasco of training and log on.......... Damn what the hell is going on? Mass Spamming, caught and mitigated a few viruses " that's normal" and all these newbies going apeshit with uploading ungodly amounts of shit. And Threatening PMs, Which I love reading.

Now to be honest with all the users, I have had time to mod but in the current rush of deployment I'm spending as much time with my wife and son as possible so I really I won't  applogize for that. Any of you really know me, you know my son is #1 to me and he takes presidence. Now for all the unawnsered bitching and complaining emails that I used to awnser and take care of the shit on the spot, I just don't have the time at the moment.

I will hit up the rest of the mods when I get time and see what is up.

Now to blog a blog,

With all the ramped up training and fast paced stuff that I need to take care of before deployment  your mind is either going a hundred miles per hour or Slow as a fat zombie running. But Things need to get taken care of and you just push forward. Shittiest part is you dont have time for your self or family. I haven't seen my son in 3 weeks and today I get 1 day to see him, then back to reality. It sucks but is what it is. The thing that truely frightens me the most is I'll be gone for a year and when I get back I'm affraid he won't reconize me. That to me is worse than gett IED'd or shot.

So my question to the ebaumers parents out there is, any of you been through that perdicament? Minus the combat/Training/Military aspect............I can deal with almost any situation that is thrown at me but this........I don't have a clue .

Probally will get the typical smartass awnsers, but really advice would be appretiated.



Thanks Dread


PS when I get in country in 4 months I will have alot of time on my hands so I'll be modding hardcore again.

Uploaded 03/27/2010
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