Beer Critique

Ok before I start this blog I would like to say I am a very picky drinker when it comes to beer. So having said this I will begin.


I was riding home from work today (I get up at 2:30 so I finish work around 12:00) when I decided to get some beer. The only thing was I only had three bucks. So I stoped at a Chevron and went to see what kinds of beer they had for under three bucks. To be honest they didn't have much of a selection, Budwiser 16 oz., Mikes hard lemonade, and Ice house 40 oz. I decided I would get the 40 oz because it was more beer and it was only $2.11.

So I bought it expecting the worst. When I drank it, to my suprise, it was actually pretty good. I've never had much of a taste for domestic beer, but this tasted nothing like Budwiser and Miller and all that jazz. It actually had flavor to it. And on top of that it got me more drunk than a 40 oz of Budwiser would.


So now here I am at home, feeling good, writing this blog.

But I would like to ask you guys (and girls) on EBW if you have accidentally stumbled on good beer like I just did.


Sooo...let me know.




Uploaded 11/11/2008
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