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Yesterday I got off work just in time to catch the Georgia Football game. I went over to my buddies house and we sat there as we often do drinking light domestic beer, criticising the shit out of every play. while simultaniously repeating and talking shit about what the announcers had to say about the game. Sometimes Announcers make the stupidest statements. For instance, " When the quarterback looks down field and sees an open reciever, he knows he has to throw the ball to that reciever." For the most part its just pain funny.

The actual game itself wasn't to bad. Although the score should have been around 40-14. I will give it to Tennessee there defence is damn good most of the time but yesterday they were slacking or something. Stafford could have made those inzone passes and switched it up and thrown it to the fuckin left, maybe for starters. Over all a win is a win and i dont fell as bad now about our miserable defeat against alabama.

Back to Domestic beer. Bud light kept showing this commercial and they would end it with some statement about how bud light never fills you up. I guess its true because that shit runs through your system faster than water. Here is the debate domestic vs import. I am a big fan if import dark beers, Guinness extra stout in particular. It just seems that compared to all the other import lagers light and dark domestic beer in general lacks flavor. I not in anyway dissin on american beer but its just interesting how different beer can be. I know that is borderline one of the blatantly obvious sports announcer statements but whatever. I mean with Guinness it is hard as fuck to get drunk with. Drink a twelve of those babies and you feel like thanksgiving dinner just ended. So depending on the occasion drink a few, dark thinck flavorful beer. Drink a lot domestic kicks ass

So my question to you favorite beer and application.

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