bee's on a string

thats right. here in the u.s. the season for bee's on string is coming back around.  many of you may be wondering what bee's on a string is, and some of you may already know.  i consider it a true stoner past time, and something every stoner or anyone should try and enjoy.

STEP 1- find large bee and catch it in some kind of container.( be careful not to kill the bee)

STEP 2- put bee in freezer until it is no longer moving( be careful not to freeze it)

STEP 3- tie some kind of string or dental floss around the bee's abdomen. be sure to tie the string under it's wings. so that it can still fly.

STEP 4- put the bee in a warm spot and it will begin to wake up.  after it wakes up it will try to fly, and now you have yourself a bee on a string.  give it a try, it's fun as shit.

can't think of a better way to spend a summer day than getting all high and trying to catch some bee's.

Uploaded 04/26/2009
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