Being Successful

Achieving your goals is what drives you, and the more you achieve, the higher are your new dreams. Recently I've decided that I should probably start my own business. With the success of my website, I think I'd know how to run it, easily. 

The thing about starting your business is you need to invest in it. I don't want to flush the money I earned from my website down the drain because of being a cheapskate. Nobody likes shit that lacks quality, that's why I figured that my business should be for the elite only and provide quality service. Also, something cool that I can relate to, where I wouldn't need to do much around it and run shit. Most importantly - something I could also profit from in ways other than just earn money.

The awesome idea struck me - I should start a hair salon! But not just any hair salon. Like the most luxurious hair salon with the hottest male hair dressers and best service. Everyone knows that the hairdresser draws the customers, so I'd recruit the nicest and hottest guys, who wouldn't even know how to cut hair, but that wouldn't matter. They would wash the hair and stuff, basically interact and be sexy. The pros would go from there. The studs would learn from them, too, from observation. Soon they'd catch up.

The trick here is to get straight and manly hairdressers and there's not many. So I'd have to pay a shit load of money to the... I guess male models in this case. But that would pay off. Because I'd set the prises to exorbitant.

What's more great is that since I'd be the boss, I would have hairdressers at my disposal every day, whenever i want and I wouldn't have to schedule appointments. Awesome hair, every day.

Having a business like that would be much better than going to college next year. Instead of spending a lot of money to continue going to school and listening to old people talk about boring shit to get a paper, I could start my hairdressing empire. I'm not sure about the name yet - Neko's Hair Salon sounds nice, so does La Eqcuisite Neko Hairdresseur (French names sound posh).

I wouldn't stop on one salon if it turned out to be a success. I guess the key here would be the employers and the feeling of eliteness. I'm thinking of a place where I'd like to go and where I would imagine all the rich chicks cutting their hair. This idea is flawless.

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