Best health care system on Earth

I've been having problems with my hernia for a while now.  I started trying to get treatment for it before Christmas.  Of course everything was delayed due to the holiday.  I had to wait to get a referral.   I got an appointment on January 7th to get my referral.  I was told to wait five days and call the general surgery office to make an appointment.  


I called on the twelfth and was told I would have a consultation with the surgeon on February 15th.  When I asked if I could be seen sooner, they said they'd put me on the list to fill a cancellation.  When I asked if there were many people on the list, I was told, "oh, yeah, pretty much everybody says they want to get on the list."


Since on this visit, nobody was actually going to be doing any cutting on me, I would have to make another appointment for the actual surgery.  When I asked how long until my colon isn't trying to escape from my abdomen every time I peed.  She said, "probably some time in March."


My wife is trying to pull strings at her hospital to get my fixed.


It's just a good thing that we don't have socialized medicine in this country.  If we did, people would have to wait a long time to get necesary medical procedures.

Uploaded 01/28/2011
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