Best Places to Smoke

A couple nights ago, i smoked a blunt walking across the brooklyn bridge. Let me just say, smoking in kick ass places just makes the experience a hundred more times entertaining. I smoke in my apartment alot and although i enjoy the safety and comfort of my apartment, i would always rather go for a walk at night and smoke. Sure, there's the chance i get in trouble or people see you but just being outside and smoking is amazing.

I smoked in the middle of the woods and it was just so entertaining. Everything was just histerical and i was so lost. I had no idea what the hell was going on or where we even were. If the people i ws with wouldve left me, i wouldve never found my way out of the woods. But besides being lost as fuck, smoking in the woods kicked ass.

But the Brooklyn bridge experience, was just simply amazing. Those are simply the only words to describe it. I felt 100 times more high and 1,000,000 times happier. Where you smoke just helps with the experience i think.

Smoking in an igloo would suck because your freezing. Although baking out an igloo would be amazing. Damn, thats a good fucking idea. This winter i must make that happen. Smoking in the 100 degree humid, sticky, nasty, hot weather sucks as well. But walking around on a summer night smoking a blunt, nothing beats that.

Uploaded 06/27/2009
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