Best To Stay Away From Those Creatures

I've recently made a scientific study about this group of people and shared my discoveries in a blog. The feature faggots, because I meant them, showed great enmity towards me. As an outsider, I couldn't fit in even when I tried hard - I even re-posted one of them. They spammed so many old clips and some clips were posted 3 times by different users in a matter of hours. I couldn't keep up.

Being an explorer, I tried to act in their manner, but they soon recognized me as a quality uploader. Some started growling and I had to retreat before they started to throw feces at me. One of them attempted to impress me by letting me know he found my facebook. He even offered me to send some feces. That was very nice of him, but a bit freaky at the same time.

As you probably already know, one of the clips I uploaded during my inquiry got featured. I witnessed many people say it's crap and asking how it got featured. The feeling of people not liking the video gave me this weird sensation... I felt somehow gratified. I guess it's a glimpse of what the savages might feel when they get featured. Unfortunately, I can't know for sure.

Despite uploading a few decent clips yesterday, some of which were caturday videos, I didn't get any of them featured. This only proves how hard it is for Star4ucker to suck all those admin shlongs to get his break/college humor re-posts to the main page and earn those few ebones to pay the rent for the basement to his parents.

I also mentioned that some of the feature fags followed me here, to the blogs section. You could see the disaster, which was Aesir911's attempt on making a hate blog about Deevo25. This also proves they are devoid of sense of humor and can't write a decent blog (even though they show excellent grammar).

I've gathered enough info about their species. I don't think there's much point in further investigation. I'm still waiting for the poop you promised to send me, Aesir. Remember to include the ribbon.
Uploaded 03/19/2011
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