Best way to prevent the smell of weed?

So I enjoy the casualy smoke every once and a while, perhaps once a week, or once every other week.

But my girlfriend and I recently moved into a bottom floor apartment and she doesn't want me to do it in the apartment.

I was just curious if anyone knew some amazing ways to prevent ANY smell of it. What I used to do in the other apartements (we lived on top floor of a third floor building) was I just waited till night, made one of those toilet paper roll dryer sheet contraptions, and blew it out the window with a fan on. Then febreeze bombed the room. Although this worked well she said she could still smell it a bit, and then I was not too terribly concerned of being caught because I figured heat makes the smoke rise and we are on the top floor therefore no one will smell any remnants that are not stopped by the 15 or so dryer sheets. But as I said now we are on the bottom floor with one other floor above us.

I have smoked once in the bathroom here but the smell lingered until I had to take a shower to get rid of it, even with the bathroom fan going(not even sure if those fans go anywhere...) and being that worried about the smell makes it for a no fun session.

I am pretty much forced to roll a J (for some reason I have retard fingers and I roll like crap) and take a drive late at night through the apartment complex parking lots.

Uploaded 05/05/2009
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