Bible Says What?

This is for all the Theologians out there.
I don't claim to be a godly man, I do however believe in some sort of higher power whatever that may be, but you could have knocked me over with a feather as, on the way to work this morning, I heard the following on the news.

The Catholic convention of Bishops have decided to change a couple of words in the latest translation of the Bible:

The Word "booty" will now be expressed as "Spoils of war"

The word  "virgin" will now be expressed as "young woman"

The Bishops apparently felt that "booty" has now become too suggestive and would be construed as meaning that oh so lovely lady part (or call)  that we all know and love.
As for "virgin" I haven't got a fuckin clue where they are going with that, I kinda have a problem singing "round yon young woman so tender and mild" (Silent Night). Sounds like Mary got demoted.

I thought the Bible was supposed to be the word of God handed down to his disciples and written to guide and direct us into his love.

With that being said I do realize that the bible is actually a book of parables that were written by men and are meant to (I think) guide us to a moral life. I have read it, more as an exercise in learning  and comparing and contrasting religion than anything else, but where the fuck do the Catholics get off on arbitrarily changing the text of something so basic to most (except Fred Phelps) Western religions?

I'm glad I have Rock to guide me.

Contemplating "virgin Booty"
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