Its been a long time since I wrote a blog I just heard something really funny that I thought id mention.

I heard and then looked up for accuracy that in the bible Jacob wrestles god and wins! (Genesis 32:21-32 if you don't believe me look it up)

Now if your like me you probably read that and laughed and if you didn't because your hardcore christian, let me explain why it is funny.

Jacob, a mortal man of god's creation, some how sees god, which no one ever does, and for some reason wants to wrestle him even though he is all loving. Then Jacob actually wins and pins god down. A couple things wrong with that. God is supposed to be omnicient, omnipitient (bad spelling), and omnipresent. If he is any one of these Jacob could not have beaten him. If he was all knowing he would know exactly what Jacob was going to do and counter ever move becuase he would know how. If god was all powerful, well thats pretty obvious I don't think I need to explain why that couldn't be possible. If he was everywhere at once then Jacob could never really pin him down and god could always be on the other side of him, wouldn't work.

This is just extremly stupid. 

So if you didn't think the bible was absurd before, you should now. And if you still don't, you are either really brainwashed, really stubborn, or really stupid. I mean come on, wrestling god!?!?!

Uploaded 09/30/2008
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