Big bitch tyresa.

Anyways last night i was kickin it with the crips, slangin 8 balls and sippin on 40s. All of a sudden the ground started to shake and young joker yelled " Errbody hide it's big tyresa ". Big tyresa was the fattest nastiest crack cravin ghetto booty bitch you ever seen. everybody ran and tried to scope out a hidin place as fast as dey could, Me and R2D2 jumped in the dumpster before she could spot us but poor Jamal couldn't find a hiding place in time. Big tyresa grabbed him by his legs and held him up side down, Immediately jamal emptied out his pockets which were filled with crack and food stamps. Me and R2D2 watched in awe as Tyresa slapped jamal upside the head and said " I don't want your crack you cluckhead catdaddy ". I looked down the street and noticed a trail of blood behind Tyresa, at that moment It hit me, Big Tyresa is in heat. I felt the deepest sorrow in my heart for poor jamal, Tyresa was going to take him back to her apartment in the projects and make him pound her hairy acne covered coochie until his dick turned into a bloody raisin.

To be continued.
Uploaded 09/24/2011
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