Big Brown Bouncy Bisexual Boobs

I'm a short busty black woman. How short? How busty? Well, I'm tall enough to reach the sink, but too short to get the pasta sauce on the top shelf.  My ta-tas are too small to be mistaken for zeppelins coming down the street, but  they're large enough to induce heart attacks in adolescent boys.  People tell me I'm cute and sexy, less like a porn star, but more like someone out of a hentai manga.  I'm a bit on the thick side, but it just makes my cheeks and butt more pinchable.

However, apparently there's something wrong with the way I look. Today, I was talking to one of my co-workers (an older woman who thinks she's jaded) and she asked me how I met my husband. I told her that my girlfriend introduced us.

I received a blank look and Co-worker X then said: “But you don't look bisexual!”

I've had a lot of people make comments when they find out that I'm Bisexual.  I've gotten “Well you're just confused”, or “Are you sure?”, or, “ Jeez, just pick one or the other!”  My all time favorite is, “Oh, that's just a phase it'll pass.”  Like bisexuality is a fad or some illness you only get once like MONO.   When told, people have given me all sorts of looks too. Everything from acceptance to horror (one of my former female co-workers refused to work with me for fear I'd try to hit on her!) but most people really don't seem to care one way. 

I suppose that I could just start introducing myself as bisexual: “Hi I'm Sprite. I'm a bisexual! Yay Me!”  However, I dislike political correctness and I refuse to make things easier for bigots (it keeps them on their toes!)  There are some things that are obvious when you see me. If I were a book, that would be the jacket.  I'd prefer a person to take sometime to get to know me as an individual before I start dropping all the juicy little tidbits that  make me who I am.

There are chapters that will have you rolling with laughter. There are chapters that are real tearjerkers. There are chapters that will get you horny and wet. But the only way you get to read the book is to get to know me. Sure, I look fun on the outside, but all the best parts are secret. 

Uploaded 11/07/2008
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